Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Does the internet of things need a big data exchange to thrive?

Its less than a day since I published (love that anachronistic word!) my first IoT blog I got a few tweets and comments back that sparked a thought.  For the IoT to thrive deliver on its promise it needs fuel and that fuel is data but where is it and who owns it?  Dennis Brophy @dennisbrophy responded that the IEEE has IoT standards underway and the next one might be in Silicon Valley in the fall (sign me up!) but it seems to me that we will need a real time data exchange very soon.  This exchange should be able to deliver real time anonymous (and I stress anonymous) data to developers who can build applications on top of it.   The IEEE or ACM would be the logical bodies to run the exchange but it could also be a new global association.  If a developer can access real time weather, traffic, parking, likes, checkin's, tweets, crime, buses, farming and video streaming data can you imagine the new products they could invent? 

In my 8 elements of IoT framework we are talking numbers 3, 5 and 6 here:

  1. Sensing and Control
  2. Connectivity
  3. Analytics (big data) and the cloud
  4. Security 
  5. Applications, ROI and 2nd/3rd order effect
  6. Standards and Regulation
  7. Ecosystems and Communities
  8. Investment Opportunities
Should there be an IoT utility who distributes the data for those who can pay?  what do you think?

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