Friday, June 7, 2013

Freescale launches Intelligent sensing framework for IoT; looks like an early leader

This week at the monster Computex show in Taiwan, Freescale announced its intelligent sensing framework (also called Xtrinsic link here).  This is category #1 in my framework (sensing and control) and a really smart move by Freescale because among all the silicon players they have the broadest suite of sensors, controllers and free software under one roof for designers to work with.  The company has new leadership (Gregg Lowe, ex TI and Geoff Lees ex NXP) and  looking at this it would appear a more coherent vision of where they want to compete and lead.  Over the last decade Freescale has been hobbled by huge debt and too many products chasing too many markets leaving them masters of few.

Its clear that Microchip, TI, Intel, NXP and Atmel are all chasing the same market so its going to be fun to see who can build the winning ecosystem and largest following because thats how they have to compete today.  Any speculation on who has the winning hand?

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