Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking at the Internet of Things; a landscape (infographic)

As I write this blog and try to get my arms around what IoT is I thought a visual landscape would be a great idea and started work on it.  As it turns out smarter and swifter minds than mine had already created a beautiful version (Matt Turck  @mattturck and Sutian Dong @sutiandong of Firstmark Capital).  Its a jpg and its below (if its copyrighted I will gladly put in a link).  Its very comprehensive and just scanning it you would have to be an IoT savant to not find a couple of companies you don't know.  Perhaps its my chiphead bias but I found very few semiconductor and sensor companies on the list but its still a fantastic effort and maybe one that can be open sourced so #IoT watchers can add to it. Last week I posted my IoT investment index in this blog and there are many semiconductor and hardware companies on the list because I strongly believe they will capture the bulk of the value in IoT.  
My IoT index is only a week old and off 1.64% so far, but last week was rough for the market in general.  

Here is Matt and Sutian's landscape (click to enlarge):