Monday, July 15, 2013

if this then that; simplicity is beautiful and IoT can be this easy

I'm a big believer in simple, powerful ideas and with all the complexity and angst around the Internet of things I want you to check out  This site is based on the simple concept that if X happens do Y, all programmed through the web using a "recipe" that you set up.  There are some recipes already built that you can use or set up your own such as every time you take an iPhone picture its uploaded to Flickr.  Not groundbreaking or profound stuff but its a start on the path to making the Internet of things viable and useful.  History teaches that lots of things are possible with existing technology but sometimes a "trigger" product is needed to unlock its potential and take it mainstream, the obvious example being what Apple did with the boring cellphone or what Twitter did for SMS.

If this then that might not become a Twitter but it certainly has the potential for a lot of fun and a real introduction to IoT.  Go check it out;

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