Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free sources of "big data" from the government could generate some cool IoT apps

If you have read my previous post on what the barriers are to widespread adoption of the Internet of Things then you know my take is that connectivity and data ownership (not security by the way) are the 2 biggest.  One obvious source of free and open data though comes from our government (highly dependent on where you live though!) and here in the US we have some good sources:

From the Feds:  this is a treasure trove of data on health, demographics, financial filings, maps, crime etc...    there have to be some very cool #IoT apps that can flow from combining your data with some of this.  Let me know if you see anything interesting and comment below please.

In California there is a group called California Common Sense who have made getting at the data easier by working with some data visualization companies; check it out here

To me this is one of the fun aspects of IoT,  how can we combine data to get new insights and useful applications to market?  This is one I am going to ponder for a while and hopefully get some real examples to share.

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