Thursday, September 12, 2013

Intel discovers IoT with Quark; but where's the ecosystem?

A big question hovering over the IoT space has been where is Intel? They were touting "Intelligent Systems" as their way forward but that was in reality a catchall phrase for their existing business of PC's, servers and the cloud. Until this week Intel could not legitimately say they were a player in the IoT market and had no answer to the ARM model.

Well today its different and at IDF in San Francisco the new Intel CEO (Brian Krzanich) dropped the IoT bomb with Quark. The official release is here.  Quark will be a low power, small footprint processor with some flexibility for on chip peripherals but how this will work is unclear to me right now.  Quark looks like an SoC but exactly how it will be configurable by developers is unknown.

Dev boards are supposed to appear in Q4 and that will be an exciting time to see what impact Intel might have on the IoT space.  One interesting side benefit for Intel is that they now have a platform showcasing how Wind River and McAfee might work together and that's significant because it gets customer interest and access in non traditional Intel markets.

One last thought on Quark is that it gives Intel an opportunity to build a new and dynamic ecosystem around their chip family because without an answer to the ARM connected community (no matter how good the silicon) they can't compete.  Intel should never be underestimated in our market and I look forward to seeing how the company evolves by grasping the IoT opportunity.

What would a successful Quark ecosystem have to look like to get them in the game?  Would love to hear your comments.

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