Monday, October 7, 2013

Got a new gig but the blog plays on! Intel Quark launch intrigues

As of this month I joined Avnet Electronics Marketing as Brand Director for the America's (translation;  I'm a marketing guy now).  Avnet if you don't know is the worlds leading distributor of components and technology, chips to systems to put it another way.  If you want to get in touch here is my LinkedIn profile;

I am going to continue this blog because the IoT space is really interesting right now and I will have some even deeper insights in my new role that I will share when appropriate.  You can follow me on Twitter here:

I will be based in Silicon Valley and at events like ARM TechCon and DesignCon but feel free to get in touch if you have something to share on #IoT, Distribution or #Embedded.

Biggest news I saw in weeks was the surprise launch of the Intel Quark processor at the Maker Faire in Rome.  Clever PR move to get on the Arduino bandwagon but there are a lot of questions about how the boards will get to market and how open it will be.  This is one to watch. 

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