Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where and what have I been posting and some thinking about my second year in the IoT

Back in September I promised to get the blog rolling again and even though you haven't seen anything here I have been cheating and posting elsewhere (see below for links).  The reason for this is I have moved on to being (for the first time in my life) a tech marketing consultant.  Never thought it would happen but its actually a lot of fun and I'm lucky enough to have as my first client a company who has changed the world of electronics in a profound way and that is ARM.  Interestingly whenever I tell people about ARM unless they are tech insiders and live in our "bubble" I often get blank stares.  I then ask if they have a mobile phone and when they answer yes I say there's a 95% chance you are using ARM every day.  People then say "oh, ARM is a chip maker?" and I have to say "no, ARM is an IP company, they sell their intellectual property to companies who want to put it in their own chips, companies like Freescale, Samsung and Texas Instruments for example".  I have this conversation all the time and now intimately know the challenge ARM faces telling their incredible story.

So where are my blogs these days?  Well you can find some on and I got a lot of traffic and 126 comments on this one about the demise of Radio Shack.  I have also been posting on the ARM Connected Community and have met some interesting folks at ARM and their partner companies, here's a good example on a new audio product using an ARM Cortex-M4

I'm still just as excited about the IoT because its actually inevitable, the history of Semiconductor technology points the way and it will be a societal game changer.  More to come on this on one of my various blogs.  Stay in touch and let me know if I can anything to help you in any way.