Thursday, January 8, 2015

Predicting the future using CES, and my blogs over on the ARM community

Happy New Year to you,   my blogging here has been infrequent because I'm full time consulting for ARM and having a blast.  Some of my work at ARM is on content so I am still fully #IoT immersed and as I come up to the second anniversary of this blog (launched May 2013) I am even more excited about the potential of the IoT.

Two fun initiatives I worked on at ARM over the last few months were very IoT centric, namely wearables and crowdfunding.  Looking at wearables was a great education in the power of connectivity and a window into what the IoT can do for us personally.  I have a hunch that wearables in all their forms are going to make the IoT so much a part of our everyday lives it will help grow the market much faster than I anticipated in 2013.

Another ARM project was looking at the phenomenon which is Kickstarter and how its become a powerhouse of electronics design.  There is a page over on featuring ARM powered devices that shows the diversity of products being funded and virtually all could be categorized as IoT.  An interview I did with Cyril Ebersweiler of HAXLR8R shows how crowdfunding is fundamentally changing the way electronics are designed and get to market.  If you only have time to read one blog today then this is the one I would reccomend. 

Then of course we start the year with the craziness of CES so I decided to take an imaginary behind the scenes look at what we might see at CES 2016 based on the new semiconductors being announced.  Its a multi part series, part 1 is here.

As the IoT hype cycle continues I am still incredibly optimistic about what we will see over the next few years and will keep you posted.  

Thanks for reading.