Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How the IoT will be built; ARM, IBM & Freescale IoT starter kit

Today (Feb 24, 2015) is the first day of the influential Embedded World event in Germany and as such its a platform for companies to announce new products and set the stage for the coming year. Embedded World is not a very sexy event like CES or Mobile World Congress but you can see into the slightly murky technology crystal ball and see what's likely to happen next. As I expected Embedded World will be dominated by everything IoT simply because its going to be the biggest growth driver of electronics in this decade and you'd be a fool to miss it. So right on the first day of the event,  ARM, IBM and Freescale get out of the gate fast with an IoT starter kit, you can read the details here.

An interesting hidden point here is that the IoT is complex (read my 7 basic needs of the IoT blog) and no single company, not IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple or Intel has all the pieces to make it work so the future will be all about partnerships, ecosystems and collaboration.  Easier said than done!

So here we have 3 major players getting together to make life easier for developers; software from ARM, hardware from Freescale and the Big Blue Cloud.  Even with these 3 heavy hitters the connectivity layer is still missing (unless IBM does deals with carriers) and there will be questions about security.

I haven't researched the IBM IoT Foundation yet but it does seem to remove many barriers to getting the IoT up and working so its seems like a great tool and they have made it easy to try and test:

Check out the IoT foundation here: https://internetofthings.ibmcloud.com/#/

This week I will read the tea leaves from Embedded World and drop my thoughts here just as I did for CES over on the ARM Community last month.

What's exciting you about the IoT?