Thursday, March 26, 2015

An inexpensive building block for the IoT, get yours on Kickstarter quick!

In many of my posts I have talked about all the building blocks and interdependencies of the #IoT and how its not that easy to pull it all together so when I saw this Kickstarter project that solves one of the major connectivity issues I was intrigued.

Getting your data from the sensor to the cloud is non trivial and there are so many connectivity issues but this little device takes advantage of the nearly ubiquitous cellular infrastructure (at least in urban areas) to get you up and running.  The board has pretty impressive hardware with an STMicro ARM Cortex-M3 controller on board and a cellular modem:

In order to make the cellular data plan simple the team have basically become a carrier so they can offer connectivity of up to 20,000 messages or 1MB for $2.99 a month (extra MB are $0.99) so its not crazy expensive the way some older M2M systems always seemed to be. 

Right now you can get the board and 2 months of free data for $39 so why not order one and get yourself connected?  4500 other people have ordered one and they blew through their target, seems like a winner to me.  What do you think?